Top tips For Teaching Chinese Language to Children with Ease

Being an expert in Chinese is a long march, but it doesn’t have to be if you start teaching your kids early on. Chinese is one of the most popular and widely spoken languages in the world, second only after English. In spite of what you might hear about the complexity of learning Chinese, here are five tricks of the trade the can help you teach the language to your child with ease:
Enroll in Chinese Enrichment Classes

Creating a Chinese-speaking environment is extremely important if one wishes to teach the language to their kids. Chinese enrichment classes work wonders for those who cannot create such an environment at home. These classes provide the optimal surrounding for a kid to learn all facets of the language by creating a balance between play and immersive learning. You can opt for an enrichment class for children at Chengzhu Mandarin Centre, which offers classes for both children and adults. Their courses have been well-received by both groups and you should definitely check them out.

These classes are known to organically motivate kids to want to learn Chinese, and can also be a great tool for native Chinese speakers.


Rope in Stories

The first step in teaching Chinese is to get children interested in the language. The best way to do that is to teach via interactive storytelling. Stories can be an effective way to get a child’s attention and can help ease of the process of entering the world of a new language. Most people try to teach by forcing introductory words or letters to kids, but don’t you think a child would remember them better if they hear it in the form of stories?

Convert Letters into Characters

Taking a tip from preschools and kindergartens, making learning fun can be a great way to tickle a child’s curiosity and keep him/her engaged in learning Chinese. One can attempt to cartoonize or convert Chinese alphabets/character into fun personas and cartoon characters, which can help kids learn how to identify certain alphabets and also teach them how to write.

Teach via Art

Using coloring and art books is a great way to supplement cultural as well as lingual education. Young kids love to paint and look at colorful pictures, using these tools to teach kids about history as well as everyday objects can be a very useful and easy way to teach Chinese.

Turn to YouTube

The Internet is a warehouse of knowledge and luckily most of this knowledge can be found on YouTube. There are plenty of easy tutorials and teaching plans on YouTube that can help you enrich your child’s language capabilities.

What We Need To Know About Chinese Kindergartens

In Singapore, there are different kinds of kindergarten. Some schools use the English language, while some use the Chinese language or Mandarin. However, there are also schools that have a bilingual curriculum which makes them use both languages. Some parents prefer to enrol their children in an all-English school because they think that it would be better. However, they are not aware of the advantages and benefits of learning Mandarin.

At Chengzhu Mandarin Centre, children will learn Mandarin in a Chinese kindergarten, an immersive environment that includes music, storytelling, art & craft. They will develop the confidence to use Mandarin in their daily lives. If you are keen for your child to master Mandarin you should check out their page.


Mind Champs will share to us an anatomy of the best Chinese kindergarten in Singapore for your child.

The Anatomy of The Best Chinese Kindergarten In Singapore For Your Child

Learning the Chinese language from young will open up more opportunities for your child in the future. Not only is it increasingly used as a language for business expansion, trade, travel and cultural understanding, it is also one of the most widely spoken languages in the world.

With such enormous and far-reaching benefits to learning Mandarin, no wonder there is a growing demand for Chinese kindergartens in Singapore.

An effective bilingual curriculum at a trusted Chinese kindergarten in Singapore 

At MindChamps Chinese PreSchool, children from 18 months to 6 years old are engaged in a fun and nurturing Chinese speaking and learning environment that is far from the “drill and kill” approach. Read more here.

MindChamps Chinese Preschool communicated well the importance and benefits of learning Chinese. They also make sure that learning is fun for the students. They play games, listen to and re-enact stories and rhymes, sing songs, and even learn traditional art forms such as Chinese dance, painting and calligraphy.

Now, let us try to find out about some of the misconceptions of Chinese preschools in Singapore. Mind Champs will tell us about it.

8 Misconceptions of Chinese PreSchools in Singapore Debunked

“There’s no real advantage in sending my child to a Chinese preschool in Singapore. My child will fall behind in English. What exactly IS the difference between regular preschools and Chinese preschools in Singapore anyway?”

These are just some of the questions and concerns that many parents have when it comes to the benefits of enrolling their children in a Chinese preschool.

Now, more than ever, there are great and far-reaching benefits to learning Mandarin. But will learning the language early on really help your child thrive in his or her later school years?

Let us dive right into the Chinese preschool myth-busters you always wanted to know. Read more here.

Provided above are eight misconceptions that we commonly hear from parents. They think that sending their child to a Chinese school will let their children fall behind. Well in fact that is not the case. Below, Mind Champs will tell us some creative ways to encourage your child to learn Chinese.

Creative Ways to Encourage Your Child to Learn Chinese

How do you encourage your child to learn Chinese? The learning of Chinese has myriad benefits. First of all, in Singapore, it is an academic requirement for children to study and do well in a mother tongue for PSLE. And since Chinese has long been, and is increasingly a language for business expansion, trade, engineering, tourism and cultural understanding, the learning of the language transcends academic achievement to wide usage in many aspects. In fact, it is a known fact that Mandarin is the most widely spoken language in the world.

Some children may not enjoy learning Chinese, especially when some perceive it to be the more difficult of the two languages (the less difficult being English) and because Mandarin is an entirely different language altogether, with different intonation and writing system.

Let’s find some ways to encourage your child to learn Mandarin, so that he/she becomes inherently interested in the language and culture, not just because you told him/her so. Read more here.

According to what we have read above, we should help our children develop natural literacy skills. In order to that, we could read to them every day, engage in a conversation, arrange play dates with friends, point out written language in your environment, and many more. We should not hesitate and stop our children from learning the Chinese language because they could widely use it in the future. We should also already change our mind-set regarding Chinese preschools because they are good for our children.

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Despite its main orientation towards professional training, ASTI has always been interested in promoting publications in its areas of specialisation. Some of the major publications are:

  • Epasa Moto
  • The Survey of the Translation and Interpretation Job Market in Cameroon
  • The Tracer Study of ASTI Graduates
  • Translation Perspectives

Job Market Survey

ASTI was created by presidential order in 1985. Its mission is defined as follows:

  • Training of translators and translators/interpreters,
  • Research in translation, interpretation and terminology,
  • Refresher courses for practising translators and interpreters,
  • Promotion of institutional bilingualism in Cameroon.

Since its inception in January 1986, ASTI has been partially fulfilling this mission by training translators and interpreters and organizing language courses for students from Douala University. Refresher courses for translators and interpreters are yet to be organized. As of the end of the 1997/98 academic year, a total of 209 translators and 31 interpreters had graduated from ASTI. Over 90% of the graduants are employed in the public service; a good number work in international organizations such as OAU, WHO, UN on a full time or part time basis. Others started working as translators in SONARA, SOWEDA, BICEC, AMITY BANK, Insurance Companies (CAN, Satellite, etc.) and now hold managerial positions.

In 1997 the Minister of Higher Education commissionned that a study of the job market for ASTI graduates should be done in order to determine the needs of prospective employers in the public and private sectors. The Study began in December 1998 and ended in April 1999.

Tracer Study

The Objective of this study is to analyze the graduates of the Advanced School of Translators and Interpreters (ASTI) of the University of Buea, Cameroon from 1987 to 2003. To this effect, a field survey was initiated in April 2004 with the overall objective to focus on the following perspectives: employment trends in the public and private sectors with respect to the period of graduation, language combination and gender dynamics, professional mobility, further training trends, etc. The study also strives to fond out which orientations and strategies are likely to enable ASTI sustaiin a leading as a translator and interpreter training institution in today’s world.

The Advanced School of Translators and Interpreters (ASTI), which is currently part of the University of Buea, Cameroon, was set up by presidential order in August 1985 to the effect of fulfilling national needs in translators and interpreters, with particular attention to the public service. The first batch of translation students effectively commenced training during the 1985/1986 academic year. Since inception, training in translation has sustainably been a two-year postgraduate programme, which admits holders of at least a first degree in any discipline; the School therefore recorded its very first translation graduates in 1987. The one-year programme in interpretation, which has since its inception opened exclusively to holders of a profesionnal diploma in translation , was subsequently introduced in 1988, and the first batch of trainees graduated in 1989.

Epasa Moto, a Bilingual Journal of Arts, Letters & the Humanities

The expression, EPASA MOTO is from the Bakweri language of the South West province of the Republic of Cameroon. It means literally “half man”. According to mythology, EPASA MOTO is the name attributed to a supernatural being who resides in the Buea Mountain (the highest mountain in West Africa) which is allegedly “half man, half stone”. This incomplete state of EPASA MOTO aptly describes the African condition at home and in the diaspora, in the sense that, as a result of our contact with the West, our values, concepts and worldview have been tampered with and are non longer in their original state. This tampered state permeates every facet of our lives as human beings aspiring for ultimate perfection. It is our wish that EPASA MOTO will adress this problem from a variety of perspectives.

Articles on Cameroon, Africa and the African diaspora from scholars working on language, letters and culture will be considered for publication. Similarly, current book reviews, poetry, philosophical essays, creative writing, research work in progress etc. will also be published. Consequently, it is my fervent wish that scholars working in this area will submit original, scholarly articles for consideration and possible publication in the journal. We are hopeful that like its mythologic counterpart from which it derives its name, EPASA MOTO will grow and inculcate positive and dynamic ideas in language, letters and culture. (From the foreword of the first issue: Volume 1 No 1, June 1989, p. iv)


Articles should be between 15 and 20 typed pages, size A4, double line spacing with the bibliography at the end of the article. Direct references of words cited or referred to should be incorporated in the text, but notes should appear at the bottom of the author’s biographical sketch indicating publications and research in progress should be forwarded with the article. Articles may be written in English or French.


Research has always featured prominently among the three main missions of ASTI, as provided in the instrument creating the School.

Notwithstanding the highly-professional orientation of ASTI, research activities have not been left out. Two major orientations are distinguishable here: student research and staff research.

In fact, all Translation students receive some basic training in research, leading to the writing of a dissertation of no less than 100 A4 pages. With 6 credits, the dissertation alone carries the highest value compared to other components of the course, each of which is either 2 or 3 credits.

Today, there are around 400 M.A. dissertations, covering such interesting issues as: translation theory, corpus translation studies, translation sociology, bilingual terminological glossaries, phraseology, translation into and from African languages, etc.

Staff research has been sustained, notably through the publication of Epasa Moto and through articles in peer-reviewed journals in Translation studies. It is hoped that the introduction of a PhD in Translation and Interpretation Studies will boost research even further at the same time as it will contribute to the sustainability of training at ASTI by graduating potential trainers.

To date, the following interest areas stand out prominently:

    • Terminology
    • Commented Translation
    • Translation Theory
    • Corpus Translation Studies
    • Translation Sociology
    • History of Translation and Interpretation
    • Translation from and into African Languages