A guide to picking a good international school in Singapore

As a parent your definitely want to see your child grow and ultimately reach his full potential. The most effective way for you to give your child the boost he needs is to enrol him in a good school.

Not all schools will be able to meet up with the needs of your child. You are going to have to do some research before enrolling your child in a school of your choice.

Settling for a school that is very close to your home or office or that has a very low fee is not really a good idea because they may not be able to comfortably handle the needs of your child.

Enrolling your child in an international school is an excellent idea because he is going to be exposed to a lot of new things and going to be engaged in upbuilding activities that will make him develop rapidly.

If you are looking for a good IB or international school in Singapore, ISS International School is a good option you should consider. They cater to children from kindergarten through high school age and have holistic programmes with a broad range of learning activities. If you are looking for a global education for your child, do consider ISS Singapore.

Presently, you might not know a lot about the various international schools in Singapore.

The following article by Expat living discusses what international school in Singapore is all about.

Guide to an international school in Singapore

Whether you’ve been in Singapore for some time and your children have just reached school age, or you’ve just arrived here with youngsters in tow, finding the right school for them will be one of your priorities. To help you make an informed decision about which school is best for your child, we asked parents where they chose to send their children and why. Read more here

You likely now know a thing or two about international schools in Singapore.  Before you enroll your child in an international school, it is important that you first take a close look at their curriculum.

The following article by Katie Roberts shed light on the curriculum of some of the best international schools in Singapore.

The best international school curriculum for your child

With so many great international schools in Singapore, we know how difficult it is to choose the right one for your child. Choosing the right school becomes a little easier, however, when you know more about what your child will be learning. Find out more about the international school curriculums on offer at these eight schools in Singapore. Read more here

Since you now know a thing or two about the curriculum of some international schools in Singapore. You likely may be interested in knowing the ten best international schools in Singapore

The following article by Lynette Tan lists the ten best international schools in Singapore.

Top 10 international schools in Singapore

Did you make the move to Singapore recently? Looking for a school for your child? You might have heard of the rigorous school system here in Singapore and are weighing the options between a local or international school. Read more here

You are obviously going to need all the help you can get especially when it comes to choosing a good international school for your child. Analyzing and comparing the curriculums of the international schools you have in mind will steer you towards making a right decision.

Presently, there are a lot of international schools in Singapore, settling for just anyone is not a good idea. What you should do therefore is to analyze the top ten international schools in Singapore and choose the one that best suits your child’s needs.