A Guide to Choosing the Best Curriculum for Your Preschooler

When looking for a preschool in Singapore, you’ll discover the process is not as straightforward as you thought. You will not just be looking for any preschool, but a kindergarten or childcare centre with the right curriculum for your child.

The reason preschools have many curriculums to choose from is because young children have different ways of absorbing information. Preschool is the education foundation for your child, and it needs to be done right.

You have at least six curriculums to choose from, including Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Play-based, The High Scope Method, Waldorf Steiner, and The Theory of Multiple Intelligences. These curriculums use different techniques in educating a preschooler.

It is critical to note that all these curriculums have one goal, to ensure your child is ready for formal education. Whichever curriculum you choose, by the end of it all, he should be prepared for primary school.  

Since education is still new to a preschooler, he is likely to excel in one curriculum over the others. How, then, can you tell which curriculum is most suitable for your child?

Visit Preschools Using Different Curriculums and Gauge Your Child’s Reaction

Sometimes, it isn’t easy to decide which curriculum suits your child best. Often, parents pick a system they like, and not necessarily because it is what is best for the child. For example, if your child is highly opinionated, you may consider the Reggio Emilia method of learning since it has a child-directed learning approach.  

Some schools have integrated the different curriculums into their teaching style. It is, therefore, not surprising if you come across a school that uses aspects of the various curriculums.

Such schools attract parents who are interested in tapping the different styles of learning to help them understand their children better. The preschooler will also undoubtedly find a learning system he enjoys after exposure to the various methodologies.

Which Curriculum Reflects Your Values and Expectations?

Although your child remains central in your decision regarding the best curriculum for him at preschool, you should consider a curriculum that best represents your values and expectations. For example, if you are bringing up your child to be self-motivated and build on his interests and curiosity about life, you should choose a curriculum that encourages him to do the same. For example, the Montessori system has the teacher as a guide, but the curriculum heavily relies on a child’s interests.

Is the Curriculum Structured, or does it Offer Flexibility to Include Alternative Learning Styles?

If your child functions best with a specific routine, you should choose a curriculum that is structured. This way, he will be comfortable in a new environment. Some children function best in a preschool where lessons are predetermined, while others get bored with predictable activities. It is, therefore, important to consider the curriculum set-up when deciding on the best preschool for your child.

Before choosing any of the curriculums, it is best to know what they entail, and the impact they will have on your child. If your child has trouble grasping information in a class, you should consider a play-based curriculum. Some children struggle in kindergarten, not because they are not bright, but because of the lesson structure is not ideal. With the right foundation, your child will have it easy in preschool, and will be ready for primary school when the time comes.