Top tips For Teaching Chinese Language to Children with Ease

Being an expert in Chinese is a long march, but it doesn’t have to be if you start teaching your kids early on. Chinese is one of the most popular and widely spoken languages in the world, second only after English. In spite of what you might hear about the complexity of learning Chinese, here are five tricks of the trade the can help you teach the language to your child with ease:
Enroll in Chinese Enrichment Classes

Creating a Chinese-speaking environment is extremely important if one wishes to teach the language to their kids. Chinese enrichment classes work wonders for those who cannot create such an environment at home. These classes provide the optimal surrounding for a kid to learn all facets of the language by creating a balance between play and immersive learning. You can opt for an enrichment class for children at Chengzhu Mandarin Centre, which offers classes for both children and adults. Their courses have been well-received by both groups and you should definitely check them out.

These classes are known to organically motivate kids to want to learn Chinese, and can also be a great tool for native Chinese speakers.


Rope in Stories

The first step in teaching Chinese is to get children interested in the language. The best way to do that is to teach via interactive storytelling. Stories can be an effective way to get a child’s attention and can help ease of the process of entering the world of a new language. Most people try to teach by forcing introductory words or letters to kids, but don’t you think a child would remember them better if they hear it in the form of stories?

Convert Letters into Characters

Taking a tip from preschools and kindergartens, making learning fun can be a great way to tickle a child’s curiosity and keep him/her engaged in learning Chinese. One can attempt to cartoonize or convert Chinese alphabets/character into fun personas and cartoon characters, which can help kids learn how to identify certain alphabets and also teach them how to write.

Teach via Art

Using coloring and art books is a great way to supplement cultural as well as lingual education. Young kids love to paint and look at colorful pictures, using these tools to teach kids about history as well as everyday objects can be a very useful and easy way to teach Chinese.

Turn to YouTube

The Internet is a warehouse of knowledge and luckily most of this knowledge can be found on YouTube. There are plenty of easy tutorials and teaching plans on YouTube that can help you enrich your child’s language capabilities.